Operational excellence

Our emphasis is on delivering high-quality projects and reducing costs by driving excellence through our core business processes.


Strategic priorities

Drive operational improvements and efficiencies:

The objective of our comprehensive ‘SSS’ improvement programme is to further develop the Group’s risk assessment, operational and contract management processes.

Invest in market-leading technology:

We will make this investment in the short and medium term in order to support the Group’s ongoing requirements and for growth.


Achievements in 2020

Continued focus on our ‘SSS’ initiatives have driven improvements in our operational execution. During the year, these initiatives included:

  • Further developments to our Group-wide production management system (StruMis) and our contract management system (Workspace).
  • Optimisation of factory processes, particularly at Dalton, the Group’s main fabrication facility.
  • Launching our Group-wide supply chain accreditation process to ensure that our supply chain partners continue to match our expectations of quality, sustainability and commitment to client service.
  • Continued investment in IT, including the roll-out of data analytics and workflow management software and project specific commercial and operational tools.
  • Implementation of quality control and cost reduction programmes and application of Lean manufacturing techniques.
  • Improved our approach to design, looking at new and innovative ways of working, including the use of enhanced BIM (3D) modelling.
  • Successfully switched to 100 per cent green electricity at our two largest production facilities, reduced our greenhouse gas (‘GHG’) emissions and achieved an ‘A-’ rating in the CDP index new supplier engagement rating.


Objectives for 2021
  • Continue with our ‘SSS’ initiatives to maintain the Group’s focus on business improvement and efficiencies, further optimising processes within our factories and production lines.
  • Further investment in capital expenditure across the Group to make our businesses more competitive and operationally efficient.
  • Maintain our focus on developing state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and key systems integration to drive operating efficiencies.
  • Develop and roll out our Group-wide sustainability strategy to further reduce our environmental impact and carbon emissions, working collaboratively with customers, industry and the supply chain.
  • Further development of design and drawing office processes, reducing our reliance on paper-based information.

Strategy in Action

Multi-storey car park, Manchester Airport

Full design and build contract for the supply, treatment and erection of structural steelwork and metal decking for the steel frame including office building and link bridge.

The Project

The proposed development is a multi-storey car park with five levels of parking for approximately 8,500 valet parked cars. It will be used as a drop and go facility and will include an office building, reception, and a footbridge linking into terminal three.

The multi-storey car park off-site and on-site programmes are being completed to a tight schedule, necessitating high production outputs from the Group’s Dalton manufacturing facility and a high erection piece count on site. Overall, 4,100 tonnes of structural steelwork were supplied for the main multi-storey car park, 70 tonnes for the reception building and 110 tonnes for the link bridge into the main terminal building. The car park floors also include metal decking supplied by Severfield with in-situ cast concrete. Approximately 126,000 square metres of metal decking and 165,000 shear studs were provided as part of the erection programme.

A key design challenge faced by the Group’s project team was to overcome the difficulties encountered by the inclusion of a bespoke fire protection system within the scope. This precluded the use of a conventional intumescent paint system and galvanised metal decking. After extensive research, the Group selected metal decking coated with Magnelis, a new metallic steel coating system comprising zinc, aluminium and magnesium which provides superior corrosion protection to galvanising. Due to the harsh environmental conditions, working closely with specialists Sherwin Williams, we opted to use a type of intumescent paint originally developed for the off-shore industry, which satisfied MAG‘s requirements.


Manchester Airport, Manchester


Manchester Airport Group (‘MAG’)

Main contractor

Galliford Try





Completion date

June 2020