By understanding, anticipating and responding to client needs we aim to build secure, sustainable and mutually valuable relationships and create lasting client satisfaction.


Strategic priorities

Quality of service:

Our industry experience allows us to better understand our customers’ own strategic objectives and enables us to design, fabricate and construct structural steelwork solutions to support these objectives.


Achievements in 2020

  • Continued to develop our relationships by working collaboratively with key clients during the year. We take a long-term approach to relationships with our clients, aiming to deliver exceptional quality and service that encourages them to choose us on their next project.
  • Engaged with a number of clients in the early stages of the contract process to explore and develop cost-effective, safe and practical solutions from project conception to meet our clients’ requirements.
  • Continued to integrate our skilled and experienced employees into our clients’ project teams, working collaboratively to efficiently overcome project challenges.
  • Launched our Group-wide supply chain accreditation process to ensure that our supply chain partners continue to match our expectations of quality, sustainability and commitment to client service.
  • Developed new client relationships resulting in further opportunities, including in Europe and in smaller projects in the UK.

Objectives for 2021

  • Continue to deliver a quality, safe and efficient service to our clients.
  • Further focus on opportunities to improve client satisfaction and retention and develop strategically important relationships with existing and new clients in our target markets in support of our growth plans.
  • Continue to seek to engage with our clients at an early stage to enhance our understanding of their requirements and to add value throughout the project life cycle.
  • Explore and develop innovative and new collaborative ways of working that are mutually beneficial to us and our clients while ensuring that risk and reward are appropriately balanced.