Severfield plc is the UK's market-leading structural steel group, serving the construction and infrastructure markets. Our vision is to be recognised as world-class leaders in structural steel, known for our ability to deliver any project to the highest possible standards.

Our inputs


The Group can offer great choice, value and flexibility thanks to our network of factories and the technical expertise of our people. The Group is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing and painting processes and has a highly skilled workforce of around 1,400 staff including an in-house construction team. We have the design and engineering skills to serve a diverse range of market sectors. The dedication, expertise and experience of our workforce ensure that we offer more skills and variety than any other UK steel contractor.


The Group spends a high percentage of its operating costs on goods and subcontractor services. Careful management of the supply chain is essential to drive efficiency, and suppliers are monitored to ensure that maximum benefits are delivered to clients through contracting processes. Our framework of robust risk management and control ensures that challenges are mitigated, allowing us to deliver all projects to the highest possible standard. We engage with clients and the supply chain wherever we operate, and long-term relationships are forged with partners who meet our commitment to quality, sustainability and excellent client service.

Commitment to health and safety

The wellbeing and safety of our employees, clients, suppliers and subcontractors are paramount and directly impact on the commercial viability of our business. The directors, through the implementation of our safety, health and environmental philosophy, encourage each employee and subcontractor to strive constantly to adopt the best safety, health and environmental practices.

Sustainable investment

We are continually investing in our business in order to preserve our ability to generate value in the short, medium and long term.

Our value proposition

Our customers

Clients serviced by the Group cover a broad range of disciplines from contractors and developers, to engineers and architects. We are focussed on and are committed to delivering excellent customer service at every stage of the project to our broad range of clients and draw upon our industry experience to allow us to tailor our offering and service to customers' needs.

Why they work with us

Severfield has a strong history of delivering iconic and unique structures. Our competitive advantage derives from our client focus, operational excellence, benefits of scale, integrated approach from design to construction, innovation and our strong focus on driving growth and productivity.

We aim to leverage our skills and experience in these areas to allow us to better understand our customers' own needs and work with them to provide world-class steel solutions. We approach every project, from the highly technical to basic structural work, with the same level of safety, professionalism, commitment, care and customer service.

We manage every aspect of the fabrication and construction process, from initial scheme design, through detailing, specification and manufacture to the eventual handover to our clients of a quality product on-site.

Our services




The design process offers our clients innovative concepts and solutions. We are able to offer 'value engineering' through the close guidance of our consulting engineers at the concept of the project and with the assistance of the latest state-of-the-art computer software for 2D and 3D building information modelling ('BIM'), analysis and design.

Our advice on material choices, fabrication, fire protection, surface treatment and construction techniques can often lead to significant project savings and efficiencies.

Our engineers are also involved in temporary works to suit site construction and buildability issues. Working closely with the Group's in-house construction team, we ensure the most efficient and safest solutions for our clients' needs. This expertise is essential for high-rise towers and other complex structures undertaken by the Group.





The Group's fabrication facilities include expansive stockyard areas and in-line cutting, fabrication, welding and painting and some of the largest finished goods and sub-assembly areas in the industry.

Operational investment has been significant and continuous over the years, with many innovative features being developed and incorporated. Modern, state-of-the-art processing equipment has been employed with full consideration for design, supporting layout, logistics, integration and construction.

Our equipment is fed with numerical control data which optimises output and minimises waste and errors.

The FABSEC® production line at Dalton is a fully self-contained production facility. The process provides the structural steelwork sector with a full range of highly efficient plated sections, optimal section profiles and shop-applied intumescent coatings.




The Group has its own highly trained construction workforce which provides services for all of its construction requirements. Working closely with the project management team, they are leaders in steel construction and utilise the latest equipment on-site. The Group is an industry leader in construction methodology.

The Group also has a large and highly experienced contract management team. Each contract manager is the single point of contact with each client and is supported by all resources within the Group. Our contract managers engage with our clients and the supply chain to ensure optimum communication and performance in all aspects of the project, including site construction and administration.

The Group's operational improvement programme, the objective of which is to improve risk assessment and operational and contract management processes, is central to the generation of value.

Our value generation
Our activities generate the following types of long-term value:

For our shareholders

All of the Group's consolidated revenue and profits are generated from the design, fabrication and construction of structural steelwork and its related activities.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have been established to generate profit and surplus cash flow. Steel purchases are only made for secured contracts in order to maximise working capital positions.

Good cash generation and balance sheet management provide a solid foundation for the Group.

Close management of our contracts and cost base is critical to our success, particularly in winning new contracts, reinvesting in our business and seeking further opportunities for growth.

The Group has a progressive dividend policy. We invest in capital projects and market-leading technology to drive sustainable growth.

For our customers

We approach every project, from the highly technical to basic structural work, with the same level of safety, professionalism, commitment, care and customer service.

Alongside our industry leading customer service is our continued focus on product range development, to ensure our products meets the ever-changing needs of our customers.

For our employees

We are committed to matters of health and safety, sustainability, ethics and staff engagement. We ensure our employees are trained so they are skilled and qualified for their occupation and therefore can contribute to performance.

We offer our engaged and talented employees stable and secure employment in a growing business and with opportunities to develop and progress.

For our society

We are committed to minimising our impact on the national environment and local communities, as well as maintaining sustainable practices in all our disciplines.

We have a new sustainability strategy in development for 2021, as we aim to further reduce our environmental impact and carbon emissions, working collaboratively with customers, industry and the supply chain.

A commitment to our own Group charity, the Severfield Foundation, which partners with a nominated national charity, as well as supporting several local charities, to help us give back to society.

Key statistics

Underlying basic earnings per share

Revenue from orders in 2020

paid in employee benefits in 2020

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to
29.8 tonnes of CO2e/£m revenue